Eboardresults.com is the official website of Education Board Bangladesh. www eboardresults com provides web based result publication system in Bangladesh. It publishes advance result with details information. When the Education Board publishes Result, people can check it via various processes.  Individual Result, Institution Result, District wise Result, Center wise Result can check from eboardresults. People can also check the Result Status, Previous Result Report and Result Access. From the eboardresults portal, people will get their result easily and faster.
Every times, the ministry of Education announces the date for publishing the result. On the selected date and time, you will get the Result on the E-Board Results Portal. Basically SSC & HSC Result publishes after 90 Days from starting the examination. JSC Result publishes on the last of December, every year.
How to Check Result from www.eboardresults.com?
Every examinee and guardians can check their Result easily and fast from the www.eboardresults.com. Only some steps need to follow to get the Result. One page provides all public Results. So, you can get your JSC, SSC and HSC Result from a single post. So follow the below step by step guideline today. Then check your Result easily. Visit www.eboardresults.com. Then you will show Web Based Result Publication System for Education Boards. Under that, you will also look JSC/JDC/SSC/Dakhil/HSC/Alim and Equivalent Examination. Then Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Results from Top Link. Then you will redirect to the Result check post. Now select the Necessary information from the screen. Here available Examination, Year, Board, and Result Type.
You will get some sub category while selecting a Result type category. Imagine, you want to select Individual Result. Then you will find Roll & Registration box. For Institution Result, you will get EIIN Box. So, every category will provide you different Sub Category for selection. We will describe details information about the Specific process of eboardresults.com result check.

Institute wise SSC Result 2018 by EIIN Number

Institute wise SSC Result 2018 can check by EIIN Number. EIIN means Educational Institute Identity Number. Recently, SSC Result and All public Exam Results can check by EIIN Number easily. Recently, www.eboardresults.com provides Institution Result with advance process. So, if you are looking for the Institute wise SSC Result 2018, you can read this post carefully. We have the complete solution about the Result check system. Before reading or following, please make sure that you have the EIIN number of your Institute (School/College). If it’s available, you can get your Full Result Sheet Full Result sheet can download in a page. So, let’s start now.

Institute Wise SSC Result 2018:

What is Institute wise Result? Institute wise Result means Whole Institute Result. In this process, everyone can download their Whole Institute Public Exam Result. Imagine, you are searching Institute wise SSC Result 2018, you will get your Full institute SSC Exam Result 2018 by EIIN Number. This system is known as Institute wise Result. It’s also known as Institution Result. In this post, we are telling it details.

How to Check SSC Result 2018 by EIIN Number?

Here are the step by step guides available for you. We recommend you to follow these steps after publishing the Result.

  1. First Visit www.eboardresults.com
  2. Then Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  3. Then Select Examination: SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
  4. Select Passing Year: 2018
  5. Education Board: Select your Education Board Name
  6. Result Type: Select Institution Result
  7. EIIN: Type the EIIN Number of your School
  8. Security Key: Type the available security key in the box
  9. Click Get Result 
After completing these steps, you will get your Whole Institute SSC Result 2018. You can print the Result sheet directly by clicking on the print button. Please be informing that, it will available after publishing the Result by Education Board Bangladesh.